5 Questions that Helps Me Find the Cause of Psoriasis Flare-up

5 Questions to Help Find the Cause of Psoriasis Flare-up

By: Arvie Florencio

During the first few years after being diagnosed with psoriasis, I did not know a single thing that would help me manage it. All I know is that I should apply steroid ointments and creams and prevent the rashes and plaques from flaring up. However, that did not work. Psoriasis began to spread from the back of my scalp until it covered all over my body. 

Over the course of the years, I’ve learned so many things about my body and psoriasis. I began a journey of understanding how my body works and learned how to listen to it. I am still on the journey of improving my health but I have come a long way from where I was before. 

Psoriasis management does not only involve taking medications. I found that medications only work when your body can respond to them. I came to a point where my skin was not responding to steroid creams and the intense flare-up did not calm down until I made changes to my environment or situation to help my body heal.

Here are 5 things I always ask myself to find the cause of my psoriasis flare-up.

Is anything currently stressing me out?

Stress is the number one cause of flare for me. Intense stress during my teenage years actually caused my psoriasis to appear. Whenever I feel stressed for a period of time, I would notice that little dots of psoriasis would begin to appear out of thin air. It would be on my arms, legs, or back. It would then start to spread. This is why whenever I am experiencing a flare-up, the first thing I need to do is to identify the things that cause my stress and make sure to manage them. If you want to know more about stress management, this blog might help.

Have I been eating inflammatory food for a long period of time?

I try to eat anti-inflammatory food as much as I can but there are times when I do slip and eat food that would cause flare-ups. It usually happens when I’m so busy and I don’t have time to plan my meals. I would then eat whatever is in the pantry such as leftovers from a party, or whatever my family is eating. Once or twice is okay, but there are times that this would carry on for a couple of weeks. This usually ends up with me having a flare-up. When this happens, I do a detox diet to get rid of the oxidants and start over again. It would usually take a couple of weeks for me to clear psoriasis caused by a poor diet. 

Do I have healthy bowel movements?

Whenever I stir away from eating healthy food, I would always find myself feeling bloated and constipated (TMI!). My naturopath said that when this happens, my body still somehow needs to release the toxins. And if these toxins don’t get excreted out of my body, then some of those toxins get excreted out within my body. My immune system then starts to attack my own body which leads to psoriasis flare-ups. There are other negative effects of unhealthy bowel movement. I found this blog which may help if you want to know more about it.

Am I getting enough sleep?

Not getting enough sleep has a huge effect on my psoriasis. If I don’t get enough sleep, at least 6-8 hours a day, for consecutive days, my scalp psoriasis would worsen and psoriasis would start to appear on my body. I try to be in bed between 9pm and 10pm. I do like it as I would then wake up early, around 5am and would have enough time to do some personal work. However, there are times when I would have to work overtime, especially when I have a deadline for that week. When this happens, I would mostly be certain that I would experience some sort of flare by the end of that week. This is why getting enough sleep is so important for me. If you need help with your sleep schedule, this blog might help.

Did my skin come in contact with anything that can trigger a flare?

This one is the trickiest of all because I don’t always have control of my environment. I notice that my skin would feel super itchy when the environment is very dusty or has animal hair. My skin would also feel a burning sensation when I go to chlorinated water, hence I don’t go swimming. This happens as psoriasis causes our skin to have less barrier than normal healthy skin and so our skin gets easily irritated. I am trying to get back my skin barrier back to health with the help of my naturopath.

There are a myriad of things that can cause psoriasis flare-ups and it can be different for everyone. Knowing your main triggers will help you manage your skin better. I find that getting to know my body and listening to it is vital for psoriasis management. 

I hope you are well and not getting any flare-ups today. Much love!

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