Body Wrap : Your DIY Spa for Psoriasis Management

body wrap for psoriasis treatment

Written by: Arvie Florencio

It’s now autumn here in New Zealand and the change in season makes my psoriasis flare up as the winds become more cold and dry. Suffering 16 years of this pushed me to find products that work for my skin and help alleviate the itch and plaques. Through numerous trial and error, I found trusted products that are ultra nourishing to keep my skin well-hydrated that prevent plaques from building up. 

I love doing my personal DIY spa treatments. I would do this before ‘big’ events, such as going for a job interview, going for a night out or a vacation. I especially had to do this months before my wedding! I really enjoy doing my DIY spa treatments at home as I nourish my skin and soul.

Here’s my favourite things to do when I’m doing my DIY body spa.

Find a quiet place where you can relax

My husband knows that I have to have my spa time at home and so after I finish all my chores, i.e. my husband and son are both ready to go to bed, I then go and spend time doing my spa skin care routine. 

Tip for moms: You can ask your husband to bring your kids to the park so they can spend some quality time together. Hitting two birds with one stone!

Listen to relaxing instrumental music

I love listening to relaxing music as I notice how it quickly changes my mood, my thoughts, and even my breathing. It enables me to switch my mind off of responsibilities and instead focus on caring and healing for my skin. I use Spotify as they have numerous playlists for relaxing music.

Combine Oils, Lotions, and Ointments

I combine my favourite body oil (Frankie Apothecary’s Kawakawa Body Oil) and body butter (Palmer’s Cocoa Butter)  and lather it on my skin. If I need to use ointment to control a flare up, I apply it first then apply the combined moisturiser. You can use your favourite oils and body butters and you can combine them to create an ultra-rich moisturiser!

Tip: Don't be afraid to try new moisturisers or body oils. As you can see in the photo below, I am trying out a new product NZ Nature Serum Nourishing Ointment. It says that it doesn't make the skin thin which is a huge plus for me!

Body Wrap

I then use cling wrap to lock in the moisturiser on my skin and leave it on for an hour. I just watch videos or drama series to pass the time. When I have a flare up, I would even leave it on overnight. 

Tip: I use the Glad wrap brand because it is the softest cling wrap I've tried. It feels comfortable and I can even sleep with it unlike other cling wraps that are way too uncomfortable!

body wrap for psoriasis treatment



I then wash it with soap that’s safe for sensitive skin. My skin feels super smooth and soft after! 


This sounds simple but is really helpful in managing our skin conditions. Incorporating DIY spa treatments regularly will help you manage your skin and can prevent flare ups. Your skin is precious and worth every time and money you put into it. 


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